Stem Cell Therapy to Slow the Aging Process and Improve Quality of Life.

Spend more time doing the things you love.

Stop worrying about losing your health and independence.

Feel younger and
stay active.

Aging is the single biggest risk factor in virtually all diseases.

And yet, the traditional health system doesn’t allow you access to the innovative treatments and technology on the forefront of the field – able to transform the way you age.

The traditional medical model doesn’t focus on aging as a condition in and of itself — it treats the symptoms of the disease. Not the root cause. We know how frustrating it can be to find real solutions to your age-related concerns.

Using the regenerative potential of our own natural stem cells, we are now able to treat the most common age-related conditions by stalling — and even reversing — the cellular aging process. This is the key to a longer health-span and additional youthful function in life.

Experience innovative regenerative therapies, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.


At RMI, we believe no one should forfeit their health and independence as they age. Led by a two-time Nobel Prize nominee in cellular aging, our expert team of clinicians and scientists offer the world’s most advanced cellular aging programs — the only patented cellular restoration process in the world.

Our Services

Regenesis Programs


Nonsurgical Orthopedic Procedures

Cell-based Cosmetic Procedures

We understand how discouraging and confusing it can be to find age-related solutions that work.


With RMI on your side, you can stop worrying about losing your health and independence.

A 30 Minute Consultation with RMI Could Change Your Life.


Schedule a consultation

This quick 30-minute Zoom call helps us to learn more about you and share an overview of our science and programs to determine if we are a good fit for one another. You’ll speak with Dr. Giampapa and our VP Client Relations, Dana Herrera. All your questions will be answered during this consultation.


Pick your program

Choose from one of RMI’s exclusive Cellular Aging Programs which fit your goals and needs. All our programs are customized for your needs — they are comprehensive and include cellular therapy, nutrition, lifestyle, bioceuticals and biomarker testing.


Begin your health journey

You are now on the most advanced and innovative age intervention journey the world has to offer. Reduced inflammation, improved mobility and enhanced quality of life are just a few of the many benefits you can expect on this journey.

The 5P Program: Prevention, Proactive, Predictive, and a Precision approach to Personalized medicine

RMI uses all three major categories and sources of stem cells, which include: blood-derived, fat-derived and umbilical cord stem cells depending on the therapy and personal goals of its patients.

We also utilize cell enhanced therapy for reversing the signs of the aging process on the face and body with the latest regenerative cosmetic surgery procedures.

    • Led by a two-time Nobel Prize nominee in cellular aging
    • The world’s most advanced cellular aging programs
    • The only patented cellular restoration process.
    • Over 20 years of research

“I have been proactive about my health for the past twenty years. I am constantly seeking out the best new medicine there is. I found it at RMI. What they are doing is light years ahead of anything out there when it comes to treating the root cause.

I guess age really is just a number. I like the direction my number is going!”

Bubba L.

86 years old

“Before I was treated at RMI, I was frustrated with my doctor telling me the same old thing….its just part of getting older. And then giving me another prescription to take.

Within days of being treated, I was almost in tears by how much better I felt. My sleep, energy, focus and pain have all improved. Wow….just wow.”

Gail O.

56 years old

RMI is the only longevity institute treating the cellular aging process, allowing you to feel younger, healthier, and more active.

While other Stem Cell Centers focus on treating diseases which are the result of cellular aging, RMI treats the origin of all age-related diseases, which is the cellular aging process itself.

2x Nobel Prize Nominee

Board Member of American Cryostem

Edison Award Winner

Board Member of Sinclair Foundation

The key to a longer healthspan and more youthful function.


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