About RMI

Why we are unique

RMI is the only institute treating the cellular aging process. While other Stem Cell Centers focus on treating diseases which are the result of cellular aging, RMI treats the origin of all age-related diseases, which is the cellular aging process itself. Our program focusses on 5 key elements: Prevention, Proactive, Predictive and a Precision approach to Personalized medicine – the “5P Program”. RMI uses all three major categories and sources of stem cells, which include: blood-derived, fat-derived and umbilical cord stem cells depending on the therapy and personal goals of its patients.

We also utilize cell enhanced therapy for reversing the signs of the aging process on the face and body with the latest regenerative cosmetic surgery procedures.

Collecting, banking and using one’s own adult stem cells. RMI’s focus is on Personalized, preventive, and proactive, medicine of the future—today.

  • Stem cell collection (all three cell types, plus adipose derived stem cells)
  • Stem cell banking
  • New personalized product development from adult stem cells
  • Proven stem cell therapies, and first access to future therapies
  • Biomarker testing, customized nutrition, and lifestyle intervention to
    keep you healthier longer
  • Where applicable, RMI will focus on the use of Stem Cell Technology and Aesthetic Surgery to reverse the physical signs of aging.

Why us?

RMI Stem Cell Collections

At RMI Stem Cell Collections, we know that your stem cells are your future. With our cutting-edge stem cell collection method, state-of-the-art storage facilities and CellHealth™ Institute’s continuous research in cell health, you can be confident when choosing RMI Stem Cell Collections that you have chosen a reliable partner for life.

Cell mobilization therapy is used to collect healthiest cells

RMI Stem Cell Collections uses Neupogen® to mobilize and collect optimally replicating (non-senescent) cells to allow for a healthier stem cell collection for you to use in the future.

Not one, but THREE types of cells are collected

RMI Stem Cell Collections Program uses an apheresis method to collect stem cells for long term storage, allowing for the collection of three different stem cell types: hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells. Although stem cells can be collected from adipose tissue (fat cells), this method principally collects only adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells.

We’re leaders in cell health research

Driven by our quest for answers to the aging process and its effect on individual cells and the body as a whole, Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI) has been leader in cell health for years. Our groundbreaking research has been presented all over the world, including the Vatican. But our work is never done. Through partnerships with publicly traded companies and major universities, we are constantly learning more about stem cells and their therapeutic potential. Knowing that the answer lies in the ratio of senescent cells (non-replicating/damaged) to nonsenescent cells healthy, CellHealth™ Institute is continuously pioneering processes to shift that
ratio to prevent the effects of aging and disease. Our ongoing translational research program is evaluating ways to restore cells (through our proprietary cell culture process as well as nonsenescent
cells that have been collected and stored) to be used as promising anti-aging therapies.

You can trust RMI Stem Cell Collections with your cells and essentially, your life

Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI) is a Clinical Therapy Center committed to developing and delivering the highest quality products that will enable and empower people to live healthier lives, longer. RMI focuses on cellular health, combining products such as healthycell™ plus with cell health services and holistic lifestyle education.