Anti-aging treatment

The research carried out by Dr. Giampapa with Dr. Urzola has recently documented the key process involved in cellular aging.

This includes the following information:

  1. As we age, the number of our regenerative adult stem cells decrease in number as well as function once we arrive at the age of approximately 40 years old.
  2. The number of damaged or aging stem cells—called senescent cells increases as we arrive at the same age and these cells cause our healthy cells to age quicker. They also increase the level of inflammation throughout the body, which leads to most age-related diseases we experience with age.
  3. The amount of DNA damage our cells accumulate are directly related to increased stem cell and body cell aging as well as the formation of these senescent cells.
  4. The “niche” or neighborhood that stem cells live in becomes toxic as we age and this decreases stem cell function.

The antiaging treatment offered by RMI and created by Dr. Vincent Giampapa involves the following:

Adult stem cells are collected by a process called Apheresis, or a blood filtering process with a simple painless IV placement in each arm. This usually takes about 2-3 hours while the patient can watch tv or surf the web.

Adult stem cells collected contain:

  • Hematopoietic stem cells— immune enhancement cell origin
  • Endothelial progenitor stem cells— which help grow new blood vessels
  • Mesenchymal stem cell— which can form multiple tissue types like cartilage, fat, muscle, and nerve tissue.

The collection process we use only collects non-senescent stem cells, which are the healthiest variety. Upon completion of the collection, the stem cells are transferred to a stem cell bank where they are cleaned and processed. They are then slowly placed into cryopreservation at -120c until they are needed.

At this temperature, the aging process in these regenerative cells is virtually at a standstill. In essence, your regenerative potential is frozen in time for decades. After the collection process, patients usually feel fine but maybe a little tired or achy for the following day.

Using a special test, RMI can tell when you need an infusion of your collected stem cells to keep the number of cells optimal for helping to maintain your organ functions, immune status, blood vessel growth, and youthful appearance in the years to come.

All patients are placed on a daily oral program, which has been proven to decrease DNA damage, as well as decrease inflammation in human clinical trials at a major university. Sleep quality and energy also increased to a significant level in all patients.

This program includes the collection of the number of cells needed for multiple treatments. The fee also includes cryopreservation for the first year and continuous monitoring of the cells in a certified stem cell cryo bank.

FAQ: What is the ideal age for a stem cell collection?
There are two key times to collect your adult stem cells:

  1. Young Adult Collection
    1. The ideal time to collect your adult stem cells is between age 21 up to 40. The function and minimal amount of DNA damage is usually the at best levels at this time in life. Collecting our children ‘s stem cells at this age is the most valuable gift that can be given to our family members. They can use these cells later in life as they age without the need for cell restoration in the future. This is what we call bio insurance— insurance for maintaining their future healthspan and longevity—
  2. Mature Adult Collection
    1. The second time to collect stem cells in adult is after 40 or 50 years old. At this time adult stem cells have suffered damage to their DNA as well a loss in the functional numbers of healthy stem cells and an increase in the number of their senescent cells.

Patients in this group older than 60 years can use their collected non-senescent cells in the near future, and can opt to have their stem cells restored. This helps them revert back to a much younger stem cell function. Restored cells are even more efficient than their original cells for regenerative purposes.

Optional Recommended Treatments:

We recommended our patients return for a yearly infusion of your collected stem cells as well as other blood tests to document DNA damage levels and inflammation. At this time the oral program can be adjusted to maintain ideal levels of DNA damage and inflammation in the body. The fees for the infusion treatment yearly may vary to a small degree based on the number or type of cells needed for each patient.

Please call our office for a formal consultation with Dr. Giampapa to better understand the benefits of this revolutionary treatment.  Call 1-862-333-4181 to speak to an RMI team member and book your consultation.