Cell Based Cosmetic Procedures

“My research with stem cells has helped create the next generation of facial rejuvenations: The Cell Enhanced Regenerative Facelift.”
– Dr. Giampapa –

Cosmetic Stem Cell Procedures

A new approach to reversing the external aging process

We offer a number of non-surgical, noninvasive, and minimally invasive procedures for the face, neck, and hands. These procedures include the “Stem Cell FaceLift” and facial restoration procedures with IV stem cell therapy to enhance healing time and decrease scaring.

Regenerative Facial Procedures:

Accomplished under local anesthesia, this procedure reshapes the aging face by removing fat in the lower jowls and neck areas and transplanting fat cells with stem cell-specific growth factors to enhance fat grafting longevity but to also stimulate mesenchymal stem cells to develop into new baby fat cells. These transplanted cells produce compounds that help enhance skin quality for long periods of time, even years after. Based on our clinical studies, this results in a very natural look with a quick recovery of approximately one week.

Full-Face Restoration Procedures:

More advanced full-face restoration procedures are also done with minimal surgery in the face, eyes, and neck as well as restoring key muscle positions for long-lasting youthful results. These procedures are accomplished under local and oral anesthesia or IV sedation. The adipose based stem cell transplants with this procedure are given subcutaneously for remarkable age- reversing effects.

Please call our office for a formal consultation with Dr. Giampapa to better understand the benefits of this revolutionary treatment. Call 1-862-333-4181 to speak to an RMI team member and book your consultation.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

There is a reason why rhinoplasty is constantly ranked among the top three most popular cosmetic procedures each year. When performed by someone with the proper training, talent, and skill, rhinoplasty can bring balance to your face, and in many cases, also make you look younger.

Neck Rejuvenation

The technique involves making a small incision underneath the chin, through which the skin and excess fat in the triangle below the chin and jawline is suctioned out with a very thing liposuction cannula. Then, through one-inch incisions inconspicuously placed in the crease behind each ear, a permanent nylon suture is drawn underneath the chin and platysma muscle sited on either side of the neck. Once the suture is anchored in place, this muscle is tightened and held in a more youthful position.

Cer Facial Rejuvenation

The CER Facial Rejuvenation is a complete procedure that doesn’t involve any surgery. It is the most advanced form of grafting both fat cells and stem cells with a proprietary complex of growth factors that stimulates stem cells to grow into new fat cells. The procedure avoids any incisions. It has been performed with outstanding results on hundreds of patients. Its main function is to restore youthful contours of the face, improve skin quality and laxity, and improve color irregularities caused by the aging process and sun exposure.

CER Facelift

Aging is inevitable, but when the changes that you see start bothering you – think sagging skin, loss of volume in the face, looseness in your neck and a poorly defined jawline – you may want to consider a cell enhanced stem cell facelift. We can help you choose the procedure that’s right for you, depending on what areas are bothersome to you. The end result will always be a more refreshed, youthful version of yourself. Together, we will look at your face as a whole and the areas that are affected by the signs of aging to decide which techniques are best for you, either surgical or non surgical.