Cognitive Restoration Program

Healthier Brain, Happier Aging

As we age, three key issues occur with general cognitive functions in all humans.

With anti-aging and cognition, firstly, our key neurotransmitters begin to decline which decreases our memory and learning potential. Second, our ability to use both of our brain hemispheres decreases. This is the ability to transfer information from our logical side of the brain to our creative side. Third, our ability to sleep, which includes length of time and sleep quality, decreases.

At RMI, our anti-aging and cognition program focuses on the ability to help with restoring the key neurotransmitters and speed of cognitive function. This can be helped using three compounds which can be administered through our cognitive restoration program.

Cognitive improvement can be helped with a compound called Centrophenoxine, a compound that has been used to enhance neurotransmission as well as memory. Second, the creative process of the brain can be enhanced with Piracetam (Nootropic) which has been shown to increase left to right brain hemisphere transfer of information, especially the creative process. Lastly, the use of Healthy cell Pro, a nutraceutical product which includes the basic requirements of vitamins and minerals along with a total of 72 ingredients of natural herbal and plant extracts can help restore the body’s Chronological Clock or sleep-wake cycle. This combination of natural ingredients has been shown to dramatically help with restoring quantity and depth of sleep.