Immune Enhancement Cell Therapy

Immune Enhancement Therapy and Removal of Senescent Cells

As we age, our immune systems become weaker and less able to fight off infections of both viral and bacterial sources. We are also unable to maintain our defense against cancers of many varieties. The critical cells involved in this cellular immune function are called “NK Cells” or “Natural Killer Cells”. NK cells are a type of white blood cell that are able to destroy many causes of infection as well as keep abnormal cell growth under control.

One of the unique features of this treatment is the ability of these enhanced NK Cells to removed damaged or “senescent” cells”.  The higher the number of these damaged cells, the quicker our healthy cells age.  Unfortunately, our NK Cells lose their strength and decrease in number with age. This results in a weak immune function and an increasing number of these unwanted senescent cells.

The therapy we offer allows us to remove significant numbers of these NK Cells from a simple blood draw. They are then sent to a specialty lab where they’re functionally augmented, and their numbers are increased many times. The enhanced cells are then returned to the body intravenously over one hour.

The result is a significant improvement in immune function that lasts long periods of time helping to keep us healthy and functioning optimally. This therapy is offered individually or as part of RMI’s full Anti-Aging program.

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