Inflammation Pain and Autoimmune Disease

Inflammation is the most common problem we all experience as we age. Inflammation has been linked to most age-related diseases. There are multiple origins of inflammation, from our intestines to changes in the activity of inflammatory genes, damage to our DNA, as well as the accumulation of damaged cells: called “senescent cells”.

Some of the more serious and common causes of inflammation are Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia.

Our treatment uses a special processed form of umbilical cord stem cells via an IV infusion repeated daily over three days. The dosage and type of stem cells may be adjusted individually based on each patient’s condition. Total body cryotherapy is also given each day. Blood tests for inflammatory levels for a number of compounds are taken and documented before and after treatment to track effectiveness. Patients are given an oral supplement two weeks before the treatment to begin to lower their general body inflammation levels in advance of their arrival. Post-treatment anti inflammation diets are also recommended for each patient, along with a daily anti-aging oral supplement program.

Follow up with the doctors are carried out every month for 12 months using both subjective questionnaires and repeated lab testing.

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