Orthopedic Joint Rejuvenation

Reparative Cell-Based Orthopedic Joint Rejuvenation

Our approach to joint disease is to treat the entire joint as a functioning unit without invasive surgery. This expanded and advanced approach addresses not only the joints internal structures but also the structures surrounding the joint that stabilize it and provide both strength and mobility. This process, developed in Milan, Italy, is called Lipogems. The technology consists of collecting some of your own fat which contains large amounts of reparative cells including adult stem cells as well as many growth factors and over 600 proteins that naturally drive tissue repair in the body. The technology is FDA cleared. The vast majority of cases treated achieve significant improvements in pain, function, mobility, and quality of life.

With a doctor certified in diagnostic orthopedic ultrasound imaging, the treatment begins with a complete examination of the joint and all supporting structures that include the cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bursa, and muscles at the point of care. With this current diagnostic information in hand along with any relevant historical imaging such as MRI, the medical team plots a specific individualized strategy to map out every structure in need of treatment to maximize patient outcomes. Using the precision of continuous ultrasound imaging to guide each injection. Each relevant structure inside and surrounding the joints are individually injected.

We have published our technique in peer-reviewed journals on the shoulder, advanced arthritis, and a new study on knees is being submitted. The entire treatment is completed in a same-day single visit, and multiple joints can be treated during the same visit.

All of the operating surgeons are Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons and Microsurgeons. These doctors possess the skills needed for the delicate and precise injections process, as well as the intimate knowledge of anatomy.

The diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound doctor is certified in orthopedic ultrasound imaging and has diagnosed, plotted, and guided over 25,000 procedures.

Patients are tracked for two years to support and monitor the recovery of joint function and maximize the individual outcomes. Repeat treatments may be necessary for specific patient conditions.

We offer phone consultations, MRI review, and ultrasound diagnostic evaluations. For additional information about your potential procedure, call 1-862-333-4181 to speak to an RMI team member and book your consultation.