Re-genesis Program

The 21st century is witness to technological advancements that have ushered in a paradigm shift in human evolution. Yet doctors and healthcare professionals practice the medical regimen in effect for over a century which treats the symptoms of disease and aging and not their origins.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have identified the healing power of our cells. The solution to combat the effects of aging and disease. The science of collecting and storing the regenerative potential of our stem cells has arrived. The ability to utilize our stem cells in a broad spectrum of advanced procedures and the option to store them for the future are here today.

“The best way to predict your future health is to create it”

We invite you to join us to experience a new and revolutionary standard in medicine — to see and feel what it can do for you now, as well as the future.

The goals of the program at RMI are the following:

  • ​To utilize the power of our own cells to age more efficiently
  • To decrease pain and discomfort and to treat and prevent the negative effects of age-onset diseases.
  • To document with an ongoing scientific proof for our members and the scientific community the positive effects of the Regenesis Program at the Mental, Physical, Molecular, and Genetic levels

The research completed by Dr. Giampapa and Dr. Urzola has shown the key processes involved in cellular aging. This includes the following information.

By the age of 40, our regenerative adult stem cells decrease rapidly in number and functionality. This is due to accumulating DNA damage. Moreover, damaged and aged stem cells -called senescent cells-increases as we approach 40. These senescent cells cause our healthy body cells and stem cells to age more rapidly. They are also a causative factor of increased inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation leads to many other age-related diseases and is the primary condition resulting from the accumulation of senescent cells.

The Concept Behind the Cellular Aging Therapy at RMI

As we age, the amount of DNA damage and cellular aging in our bodies increases. As a result, the “niche” or neighborhood that our stem cells live in becomes toxic and inflammed. Combined with the natural effects of aging  this decreases the amount of healthy functioning Stem Cells

The Anti-aging cell therapy offered by RMI based on your own cellular information includes a radical new approach to Preventive, Personalized and Proactive medicine. There are four main steps in the RMI program:

Four Steps Create RMI’s Cellular Aging Therapy

Your Stem Cells are collected via intravenous (connection) in a few hours. We utilize a special machine that filters the blood removing the adult stem cells , while the remainder of the blood returns to the body. If you have donated blood, this procedure will seem routine. After the collection, your cells are deposited in deep freeze called Cryo-Preservation in a certified Stem Cell Bank reserved for future use.

Cryo-Preservation is a method that virtually puts your cells in suspended animation. Thus, your cellular regenerative potential can be frozen in time for many decades if necessary. The program includes the collection of the optimal number of cells needed for multiple treatments. The stem cell bank continuously monitors the cells to ensure they remain in their cryo-preserved state until required by the patient for infusion.

The collection process we use is unique. First, the healthiest and youngest stem cells are selected using a special medication that releases them from the bone marrow and into the blood without the need for any invasive procedures. A by-product of the collection process is the proliferation of billions of stem cells in the bloodstream which in turn, creates your first treatment also. During the next several weeks the new stem cells released from the bone marrow, circulate repairing tissues and restoring optimal function to the organs. Within the first month of the procedure, a majority of patients experience increased energy, libido, vitality and enhanced cognitive function.

Using a diagnostic test, RMI can determine when you require an infusion of your own stem cells The infusion is directed, towards decreasing the rate of aging by maintaining the optimal amount of healthy regenerative stem cells. Therefore, healthy organ function enhanced immune system status, decrease inflammation are all maintained which allows the patients to retain their youthful vigor and appearance for significantly longer periods of time.

​The cells collected include all three major types of adult stem cells:

  • HEMATOPOIETIC STEM CELLS: which form the basis of your immune function
  • ENDOTHELIAL PROGENITOR CELLS: which help maintain the lining of your blood vessels as well as grow new blood vessels
  • MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS: which have the potential to grow into multiple stem cell types including muscle, bone, nerve, cartilage and fat cells.

All three Adult Stem Cell Types Include

Stem Cell Collection

Exclusive to RMI.

The process we use TO COLLECT YOUR CELLS allows us to collect only Non-senescent Stem Cells — the healthiest of your cells. They are then stored for future use as part of the RMI program for members annual reinfusion.

Exclusivity for Regenesis Members.

​The RESTORATION OF OLD STEM CELLS to a younger and MORE youthful state is accomplished through a proprietary method where young cells are cultured with your older cells making them highly functioning younger cells. The restoration procedure is the ideal option for patients 60 and over.

Young Adult Collection — 21 to 40 years of age

This collection is performed to create a reservoir of healthy stem cells to be used in the future.

Patients can use these cells later in life as they age without the need for cell restoration in the future. This is what we call Bio- Insurance

Mature Adult Collection — over 40 years of age

At approximately age 40, adult stem cells have suffered damage to their DNA, leading to some loss in the functional numbers of healthy cells. That said, they are still valuable for reinfusion therapy.

Patients older than 60 can use their collected non-senescent cells to treat age-onset disease and offset the other negative effects of aging. Alternatively, patients over 60 can choose to have their damaged cells collected, restored and re-infused. We believe restored cells are more efficient than their original cells for regenerative purposes, immune and circulatory functions.


All patients are placed on a daily oral BIOCEUTICAL program documented in published human trials to decrease DNA damage and decrease inflammation.

We have created a formal program that is offered in a yearly membership format.

This program is designed based on the latest research which indicates that the reinfusion of healthy adult stem cells may significantly extend additional healthy years of life while delaying age-onset disease and decreasing the common symptoms of joint and generalized pain and inflammation associated with aging, as well as enhancing cognitive function and delaying mental decline.

RMI’s Comprehensive Membership Program


We have created a formal program that is offered in a yearly membership format. RMI’s Comprehensive Membership Program this includes:

  • Mobilization with injection ( release of stem cells from the bone marrow without invasive procedures) for three days prior to collection.
  • Collection and storage of all three Adult Stem cell types. And Cryopreservation in a certified Stem Cell bank on a yearly basis. and a report of your collection results. Your Bio Insurance!
  • A yearly supply of the oral CELL AGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. which includes a product for general cellular aging intervention and telomere maintenance and a product to decrease DNA damage.
  • Blood testing for key Biomarkers of Aging including DNA damage rates, free radical levels, Telomere Lengths, Senescent Cell levels (P16 values) and Immune Function.
  • Physiological Biomarkers include Heart function and Vascular elasticity, Memory function Pulmonary Function, Reaction Time and Skin aging data on multiple levels via computer imagery testing.
  • A Subjective questionnaire that follows each patient’s general wellness data, is sent every other month for self-completion and return.
  • A Medical History and Physical exam performed at the time of stem cell collection to form a baseline evaluation.is accomplished.
  • First- annual year test of Senescent Cell baseline levels.​
  • A Formal patient report in e-format for the first annual test results

Collection for Young Adults BIOINSURANCE
— (21 to 40 years old).

This can be accomplished without a formal membership program and involves the following:

Mobilization (release of stem cells from the bone marrow without invasive procedures) three days prior to collection

  • Collection and storage of all three Adult Stem cell types via Cryopreservation in a certified Stem Cell bank on a yearly basis and a report of your collection results.
  • A yearly supply of the oral CELL AGE MANAGEMENT program which includes a product for general cellular aging intervention and telomere maintenance as well as an additional product to decrease DNA damage.

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Contact us at info@rmi-international.com to schedule a consult with one of our board-certified physicians and to see if you are an appropriate candidate. For our programs. The number of memberships is limited on both a monthly and geographic basis.