Specialty Stem Cell Treatments

Specialty stem cell treatments include protocols for multiple sclerosis, autism, alzheimer, memory impairment, post stroke effects, or general age-related immune decline. Cardiac revascularization can also be accomplished with ideal patients who meet the requirements at our specialty associated clinic.

These treatments require a hospital operating room environment and are performed under general anesthesia. A multiple day stay is required, along with a thorough initial medical examination and laboratory evaluation that take place at the hospital upon arrival.

Potential candidates for this treatment will meet with multiple doctors for their initial evaluation. The doctors will then determine eligibility and acceptance of patients.

Treatments are performed in a specialty clinic located in Cancun, Mexico. These advanced treatments are carried out under special hospital research conditions and protocols, in a super modern hospital environment by a team of stem cell specialists.

Please call our office for a formal consultation with Dr. Giampapa to better understand the benefits of this revolutionary treatment. Call 1-862-333-4181 to speak to an RMI team member and book your consultation.