A lifetime of safe and secure storage

Once your stem cells have been collected, they will be securely stored in liquid nitrogen vapor at minus 180 degrees Celsius in a state-of-the-art
cryopreservation facility. Our facility is secured with continuous monitoring and alarm systems, back-up generators and cooling systems, and is compliant with strict FDA cGMP guidelines.

Your stem cell collection will be stored and traced through a system designed to return stem cells only to the patient from whom they
were collected—you.

Because there are different ways to use stem cells in therapy, your cells will be stored in varying amounts:

– Twenty 5-mL cryovials to allow convenient
access to a small amount of your cells for use
in future regenerative therapies

– One 100-mL bag, for use as a full immune
reconstitution in cases of medical emergency

Your stem cells will always be there for you

In the event that you need your stem cells, simply call the number on your StemBank collection card and your cells will be made available to you. StemBank will ensure that your stem cells are transported using state-of-the-art equipment so they arrive safe and ready to be used.
Through its affiliation New York Blood Center, RMI offers emergency, on-demand medical transportation of stored cells via a specialty air carrier serving over 100 cities worldwide.