I am very grateful to Dr. Giampapa for helping me recover from severe hip pain as a result of degenerative changes. The pain had gotten to the point where my ability to exercise and even walk was limited.

After a single treatment with my own stem cells I am back to playing tennis and improving my game all the time. I play with women 20 years younger and am able to play without pain and also win. I plan to continue treatments as needed and would highly recommend Dr. Giampapa. He is kind and caring and an expert in his field.

Therapy: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease

Dear Dr Giampapa

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the recent treatment for my AutoImmune Disease, Raynauds’ Syndrome, and to my small finger joints you did with the Umbilical Cord Stem Cells. I have had sever pain in my small finger as well as my hands and feet due to the Raynaouds’ Dx I have suffered from for the past decade. Any weather colder than 50 degress causes my fingers to go white and burn for hours. Since I am a laser technician and need to use my hands daily and this had become a major problem in the winter months. I decided to go to the Costa Rican office of RMI since the IV use of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells is legal there. The treatment there was very easy with both the local injections to my finger joints under ultrasound guidance and then the IV infusion which was painless. I was able to return home in just two days, but have to say that the area of San Jose was so beautiful and modern and the people so nice I do plan on returning for vacation there soon. After the treatment ,I felt a major decrease in pain in my finger joints within a week and they have since been pain free for almost a year now. My Raynouds’ symptoms have been dramatically less and I have been able to ski and go out side this past winter in the snow with my son. I have had no bad days at work doing my laser treatments for my patients as well. I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone who has arthritis of the fingers or hands or who has Raynauds’ Disease also. I wanted to avoid taking medications for my condition and this has been the answer to my prayers. Thank you and your wonderful staff for making my stay at RMI in San Jose a truly wonderful trip on all levels.

S E D, Woodland Park N.J. USA

Therapy: Cosmetic Procedures

I have been a patient of Dr Giampapa ‘s for over a decade and I have participated in both the the oral Anti Aging program as well as the Surgical component of the RMI Program. Over the course of the years my general health and energy has increased incredibly as well as my Cholesterol , blood sugar, hormone levels and other blood tests which were moving in the wrong direction.
I liked this program because the regular monitoring of my blood levels have documented that the personalized approach with both the prescription meds and neutraceuticals have really made a big difference in my quality of life. energy and my appearance.
I also underwent Facial Surgery to reverse the aging process that had occurred over the last 60 years. This had been an experience that has added the final touch to make my life even more enjoyable as i now look on the outside like I feel on the inside– 20 years younger.
The RMI program by Dr Giampapa is unmatched for personalization, and prevention as well as improving anyones general sense of wellbeing and physical appearance. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to invest in their most important assets, their Health and Youthful Functional time. Thank You Dr Giampapa

Pat Papera
Verona, NJ, USA

Therapy: Stem Cell Collection & Banking

Thank you for your outstanding research, development, and execution of the apheresis stem cell collection and treatment that I had in your Montclair office in late November. I literally feel twenty years younger, I have more energy and focus than ever before, and I’m finding that I now need less sleep! I also think that my skin texture, laxity, and glow have improved. As you know, I’ve been on the Healthycell regime for several years now, but I definitely see even more improvement after the treatment. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the Healthycell telomere length supplement, which I started taking on a daily basis following the treatment. I am writing to offer you to share my name, cell number, and email address with any of your patients who may be hesitant to undergo the procedure. In particular, if anyone is concerned about the pre-treatment steps, I would be happy to share my experience. I found administering the shots to be very easy. I did not feel ill, weak, or tired at all. I only had a feeling of very minor menstrual-type cramps, but nothing that stopped me from exercising. Even right after the procedure, I did not feel tired. I actually think I could have worked or gone shopping, but I did rest as instructed!
Please extend a special thanks to your staff for their support before, during, and after the collection. Jamie and Sherry provided very helpful information, it was great to have them there for company, and it was so thoughtful of them to bring snacks and lunch to make sure I stayed fortified. Gina and Holly were wonderful and they always make it a pleasure to call and visit your office. You are very lucky to have such a high-performing—and beautiful—team! I am sorry that I don’t see Janice anymore in your office and I hope she is doing well.
Also, the technician from the NY Blood Bank was terrific. He was fun to be with and he shared details about every step during the process. He was very gentle too—I did not have a single bruise from the collection and I usually always bruise from shots or blood work.
Thank you again and best regards.

Annemarie Ettinger

Therapy: My surgery went very well and I am very pleased with the results

I am a patient of Dr. Giampapa and decided to have my surgery done in Costa Rica. Upon arriving at the airport, my husband and I were greeted by a driver arranged by Dr. Giampapa’s staff and the hotel personnel. Our accommodations were very clean and comfortable and from the moment we arrived at the hotel until the last day we were leaving, the staff went above and beyond to help us feel comfortable in any way they could. The hotel was located in a high end area of San Jose with beautiful restaurants and stores. We felt very safe day and night strolling the Avenue. The following day Paola, Dr. Giampapa’s patient coordinator, greeted us at the hotel and took us for a tour of the hospital which was a short walk from the hotel. We were very please with the cleanliness and efficiency of Cima hospital. We then went to Dr. Giampapa’s and Dr. Urzola’s medical facility, which was right across the street from Cima hospital and our hotel. We were very impressed with this beautiful upscale Plastic Surgery Center. My surgery went very well and I am very pleased with the results. The manner of care I received from Dr. Giampapa, Dr. Urzola and staff was impeccable. They were there for me for any problem or concern that I may have had at all times. Because of the friendly and warm people that we met in Costa Rica, we are looking forward to our next visit.

Bobbie Kearns

Thank You DR.Vincent Giampapa

One of the most difficult things for any parent to experience is to watch one of your children begin to fail physically because of a disease determined incurable at this time. We went through this downward spiral knowing that there was truly nothing we could do yet would be willing to go to any length to at best mitigate the grasp of this situation.

At about age 38 our son was finally diagnosed with Muscular Sclerosis or MS. We learned that there were no cures and at best a series of specialty drugs offering the hope of stopping the progression of the disease and providing some degree of quality of life. We went through the entire cast of procedures and to make all matters worse, our son developed the JC virus, a terminal brain virus, as a side effect of the drugs. This meant that we had to stop all procedures for an entire year and just pray that the progression of the disease would not continue at a quicker pace.

Let me detail the effects of the disease on our son as each patient experiencing MS develops symptoms and problems differently. The disease in problem with the body’s immune system and the body literally destroy the myelin sheath (the covering of the nerve cells) causing what can best be described as electronic short circuits between the cells anywhere in the body. In our son’s case the effects of the disease as it progressed were:

  1. Very frequent severe migraine headaches
  2. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th finger of his left hand were in a constant fist clinch and unable to be opened
  3. Loss of all feeling in first one foot then the other
  4. A constant left leg with what can be best described as “asleep”
  5. A diminution of the range of motion of the neck settling at about a 15% range of motion. To move more he had to turn his entire upper body
  6. His mind became very “foggy” and he began the loss of short-term memory
  7. His speech suffered and he developed a stutter during periods of severe episodes

These were the very visible effects of his MS. They resulted in his use of a cane and at times 2 canes. A conflicting problem occurred as his feet had no sense of feeling as in touch causing the falling and unsteady walking but his heels were, in his words, on fire when he walked on them.

Our son is a very strong powerful athlete playing football, wrestling, ice Hockey and was an avid weight lifter who could bench press well over 300 pounds even in high school. He was reduced to having his 3 children carry things like a bag of groceries for him. As expected his stamina was non-existent and he slept more and more. We felt a lot was because of the disease and an equal result of the depression that comes with it.

All through this he had his God-given loving sense of humor and never complained or allowed pity to be a part of his life.

After 10 years of this slow downward spiral, the last 8 being quite severe, his organs began to misfunction. The two organs effected were his stomach and his bladder. The bladder alternating between uncontrollable to non-functioning. During this time he gained a minimum of 50 pounds all due to water retention.

It was at this time that after reading about and discussing the potential of stem cell therapy advances in cancer and some immune system diseases that we approached experts in the field of cell and gene therapies. We were blessed having many professional professors and physicians and members of the leading biotechnical companies. We spent many hours of discussing and reading papers from Dr. Vincent Giampapa and many of his associates. Dr. Giampapa provided us with papers and books and articles and web information which we devoured.

After family discussions with our son and his wife, who also did even more research using her P.T. and drug manufacturer sales position background, we decided to place ourselves in the hands of Dr. Giampapa and his team of world class scientists consisting of physicians and PHD’s.
We decided to “try” this stem cell therapy. It seemed such an amazingly logical conclusion. Using the body’s own mechanisms to resolve the problem not merely attempt to mitigate the symptoms. ALL of the current therapies centered their time and pain and immense expenditures of money on monthly infusions costing in the range of $10,000 per month- minimally and offered such miniscule results all of which were aimed at the symptom and not the correction of the problem.

Our son had blood drawn and the 3 types of stem cells were extracted. They were run through 20-21 different processes and finally were grown in the laboratory. An approximate 1 inch of a matching umbilical cord tissue was obtained. The laboratories extracted the 3 types of stem cells from that powerful umbilical tissue. They also were grown in the laboratory until the combination of the two sources totally approximately 300 million strong stem cells.

We had to fly our son and his wife to the clinic in Mexico where it is legal for our American and foreign physician team to reintroduce the 300 million new stem cells into his body. He received about 20 million stem cells directly into his spine and went to the resort hotel to rest. That afternoon he returned to the clinic where some 200 million stem cells were infused into his body over a few hours. The next day her again returned to the clinic for the remainder of the 300 million stem cells to be infused. He returned to the resort hotel where he spent time with his wife. The clinic team of 9 doctors and nurses and medical specialists were monitoring his case. His wife served as the “care-giver-in-charge”. I would like to digress for just a moment to convey that this disease is as impactful of the main care giver and family as it is on the patient. It is truly a family disease.

I can now report on what can only be considered miraculous. It is so easy to say “something is a miracle”. But consider the following:

  1. Within the first 12 hours he regained feeling in his left foot
  2. Within the same 12 hours his left leg felt “tingly”
  3. He reported the fog was lifted form his brain and thoughts
  4. His voice was strong and not stuttering

Within 24 hours:

  1. His neck movement was almost normal
  2. His level of pain dropped from his normal 10 out of 10 to ZERO

One week after the procedure we all went to his high school daughter’s school Christmas concert. He walked the length of the auditorium (no cane no limp and fair speed). Walked back up after the performance

One week later he and his wife and their teen daughter vacationed in Hawaii for a week where he not only walked for 2 miles to and from the volcano trial but along with his wife and daughter went scuba diving,

The results were so astounding. We look forward to the next 5- 51/2 months when we are told that the full measure of the benefits can be expected. We do not know the duration, the final status, but can only report on the O N L Y therapy that has been attempted that has shown any results. This is not some non-scientific program promising wild results and using piles of organic remedies or herbs and other holistic procedures. It is grounded in pure solid scientific facts. It uses the body’s own developmental stem cells and organizes them and places them back into the body carrying all of the body’s DNA markers as developed in the womb. In short it is using the body’s nature to rebuild and correct itself.

In our lives my wife and I have been blessed to see the beginnings of what is hopefully the dawn of the new age of scientific medicine. We have personally had a friend go through this same procedure entering with stage 4 multiple myeloma ( the very cancer that took my mother’s life) and our friend is right now 4 years cancer free! The possibilities are endless.

This is so logically amazing. From my personal business mind the cost of this procedure was less than the annual cost of the medications he was on for TEN YEARS! Yet no insurance is ready to cover this. No FDA approvals are in place. Countless billions are spent in drug development each year and yet all of those billions cannot do for one patient what our one procedure did for our son. Needless to say he is NOT on any medications. Why would he be?

The drug industry has always talked about the “Search for the magic bullet.” We have found it.

It is the combination of next age stem cell therapy plus love of a family, love from the community, and prayers from everyone who knows my son. Such an amazing formula!!!

Thank you Dr. Vincent Giampapa. You have given back to my wife and I our son. To his sisters you have returned their brother. To his wife her husband she so desperately could return to her. To his sons the father they so looked up to as their model. To his daughter the dad she is so attached to. And to anyone who knows him you have allowed him to continue to spread his spirit and his giving soul they were so longing to seem revived.

With our deepest gratitude,

Joe and Jackie Macaluso

My name is Daniel Zwiren. I am 64 years old male and have suffered with chronic systemic pain for many years. The pain was particularly severe in the cervical spine and muscles at the top of the shoulder. I have also suffered from severe pain in the right hip and a burning sensation in my feet. I have tried every treatment and therapy available in the United States including but not limited to; Radiofrequency Ablation in the surrounding tissue and nerves of the cervical spine, anti-inflammatory injections in the cervical spine area, hip and lower back. I have enrolled in physical and massage therapy and a variety of stretching exercises for years. While these treatments provided temporary and partial relief, my pain levels have been increasing steadily over the past several years.

I was recently treated by Doctors, Giampapa, Striano and Urzola at The Regenerative Medicine Institute, offices located in San Jose, Costa Rica. They injected platelet rich plasma into the tissues located near the cervical spine and upper right shoulder. They also infused umbilical stem cells in my arm to treat the systemic inflammation. I believe I experienced a miracle! I am virtually pain free and feel 25 years younger. My energy levels, ability to concentrate along with mobility are optimal once again. Before the treatments I was in such severe pain it affected every aspect of my life including my ability to work and do the things deemed routine by most of us. In my opinion, the Doctors and professional staff at Regenerative Medicine are the progenitors of a paradigm shift and revolution in medicine.

Daniel Zwiren